Risk assessment focuses on personnel, environmental, non-financial, operational, and financial risks that threatens the sustainment of operational functionality.

Protecta MCI conducts Risk assessment in such a way to answer the following questions:

  1. What could happen and why?
  2. What are the consequences?
  3. What is the likelihood of their repeated manifestations?
  4. What are the factors that alleviate the consequences or mitigate the likelihood of future occurrences?
  5. Is the risk acceptable or need additional treatment?

In other words, Risk assessment and consulting, identify the causes of damaging events; recognize and prioritize preventive measures, and defines whether the risk is tolerable or not.

Protecta MCI specializes in personnel and have identified major risks and defined sufficient countermeasures to mitigate the effects that threatens business operations.

Workforce fluctuation and lack of safety culture and adequate background checks are major causes of:

  • Accidental leak of confidential information,
  • Poor understanding of the risks,
  • Inadequate competency.

Other forms of risks, environmental, non-financial, operational, etc., are within the specialty of our team of experts at Protecta Group; that specializes, among other, in harmonizing legislature with your company policy regarding mandatory requirements, bringing to alignment the law and your company safety policy:

  • Risk assessment “Security of persons, property, and business operations (Law on Private Security of RS and related regulations – SRPS A.L2.003 Standard).
  • Risk Assessment “Natural Disasters and protection plan” (Law on State of Emergency of RS)
  • Projection and supervision of technical protection systems (Law on Private Security of RS)
  • Business Continuity Management (SRPS ISO 22301:2014 Standard)