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PROTECTA MCI was founded in November 2016 in response to a rising market challenges and opportunities in the field of private security. The beginning of PROTECTA MCI is dating back to 2001, when one of the first detective agency in Serbia, “Detective Agency Protecta,” was registered.

The reputation of a reliable and discreet partner Detective Agency PROTECTA gained from successful implementation of the highest standards providing clients with timely and conclusive results, answering questions of a different nature maintaining high customers’ satisfaction level.

Protecta was the first detective agency that met the requirements of SRPS A. L 2.002:2008 standard in domain of private investigations.

During 15 years of operations, the Agency attained valuable experience, trained many professionals, and answered countless of customers’ requests. Yet, when faced with the business expansion and new specific clients’ requests, application of typical detective methods didn’t seem sufficient.

Precisely these market demands and more intensive co-operation with international customers encourage creation of PROTECTA MCI, a company dedicated to target and combat issues in corporate security.

Our goal is a reliable partnership in protection of business operations and interests. We employ professionals and specially trained personnel in a variety of investigative methods and practices and we are proud to say that PROTECTA MCI is the first qualified agency in the region that specializes in corporate security and protection of business operations.

PROTECTA MCI personnel have valuable and lasting work experience in entire arena of security. This is a guarantee that we have seen and dealt with so many situations in the field of security so that no situation you may face can be surprising and unfamiliar to us. On the other hand, our experts have passed advanced individual trainings, primarily in the areas of corporate and private security, becoming qualified to provide a complete and professional service to our customers, applying highest ethical and moral standards. Our team, in addition to experienced operatives and analysts, consists of polygraph examiners, forensic experts, psychologists, and legal professionals.

The founder of PROTECTA MCI is prof. dr Dragan Trivan, a prominent expert in the field of corporate and private security in Serbia and the region. Mr. Trivan has many years of experience in theoretical and practical approach to security, particularly in private investigations. Mr. Trivan teaches at national and international universities and he is an author of many monographs, textbooks, and manuals focused on the field of security. He has also published several essays presented at the conferences in Serbia and abroad. He took part in drafting the standards and legislation in the field of private security and private investigations.

Prof. dr Dragan Trivan is the president of the Serbian Association of Managers in corporate security. He is also the president of the Association for Private Security at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Based on his professional qualifications and experience, Mr. Trivan is an expert consultant for security in many companies, special advisor to the International Police Association IPA, and a member of the International association of criminalists. Outstanding results in scientific, business, and humanitarian work have brought him many awards and recognitions.

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